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I wrote this poem while at Lamp Village. Lamp gave me alot great opportunities and still supports me. I will like to get a special thanks to: Renee, Jackie, and all the great staff and all the people at Lamp.

Dedicated to Lamp:
I Can't See, I Can't See
Been Shot Stabbed An Rat Packed
From A Mack 2 A Tramp
From Big Bling Bling 2 FoodStamps
From The Bay 2 Pelican Bay
From Death Row 2 Skid Row
Been Thrown Away, gave away
Made Me Run Away
Little Ghetto Child Runnin Wild
From the School of Hard Knocks
Learned Different Blocks
Learned Different Glocks
Learned Different Rocks
Never Had a Job Before
Stole, Skammed, Gambled, Jack, Slanged, Banged
Loan Shark, Cigarette Mann
Pimped Tricked Hoed
2 Get my Doe
From Couches, Fosters, Placements, Tents, Hospitals,
Rehabs, Missions, and Prisons
When I Talk Preachers, Parents,, Police, Psych's, PO's,
Presidents, and Politicins
Never LIsten, They Say Im Better off Dead
or LIfe In Prison
No Family, No Home, No Love
That's Why I Got Love For Muts, Sluts, Babay's, Addicts
An Thugs
Some Just Need A HUG,
That's On Bloods,
Today Im A Dual-Diagnosed, Handicapped That Feels
Like a Champ
God Opened My Eyes
Game Me The
Copyright TIM "Big Mack" Mackey